Friday 12 June 2020 – RSA House, 8 John Adam St, London, WC2N 6EZ

Some of the world’s most respected personalities and experts from the drinks and gin trade came together to discuss the state of the gin industry and share their knowledge and expertise on all things gin, in the sixth annual Gin Guild organised Ginposium event.

The 2019 Ginposium (the Gin Guild gin industry annual conference, held on June 7th), was once again an informative day for members of the gin trade, with attendees from international brands to small two man concerns, mixer producers, bottle suppliers, marketing and design consultants, botanical suppliers and others from the industry.

The Ginposium was a perfect blend of content – from professional advice to thought provoking new products”.


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As ever in 2020 the Gin Guild will ensure that the quality content is made available to the widest possible audience and that it remains accessible, as part of its mission to educate and inform the industry, media and beyond, by having the event professionally filmed and then placing the edited content on this website.

Resources from the 2019 event now available to download

Ginposium 2019 programme
A leaf out of your book Developments in the botanical trade and how, in an expanding market and with variable climate conditions, one deals with quality control. Tommy Haughton Beacon Commodities
Bottling it Glass innovation – Bespoke or off the shelf, decoration, size and the design process. Design trends and innovation. Brand penetration, line extensions and scalability. Nolan Kane Allied Glass
Dark satanic stills? What today are the ‘stills traditionally used for gin? How does your still design affect your gin? Dr Anne Brock Bombay Sapphire
Growing pains Dead kings, grotesque gins and mighty big explosion. The journey from kitchen to micro distillery. A guide for distillery startups. Ben Marston, Puddingstone Distillery
Tutored gin tasting What’s new for 2019? This session looks at some of the more interesting new releases, as well as gin trends to keep an eye on. David T Smith SummerfruitCup.com
Structuring Sensory Practices for Gin Quality & Innovation Regardless of style, base spirit neutrality is extremely important. Off-notes cause adverse effect on flavour consistency and stability. Evelyne Canterranne FlavorActiV
Gin-personator! Protecting your brand & IP against look-a-likes and infringers Ciara Cullen RPC
Innovation and Educators clear the path for imitators and disrupters Tom Warner Warner’s Distillery
Gordon’s Gin: 250 years young 2019 is the 250th anniversary for Tanqueray Gordon & Co’s iconic gin. Notes on its recipe for success. Terry Fraser Joanne McKerchar Diageo
Striking the balance between creativity and compliance With increasing numbers of complaints about small and independent gins, it is more important than ever to stay on the right side of the Codes. Alistair Taylor The Portman Group
Ripsnorter – The gin view from Australia Stuart Gregor Four Pillars Distillery

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Who is going to speak at Ginposium 2020?

All times are subject to change.
Dr Anne BrockThe Gin Guild
Grand Rectifier of the Gin Guild

Timings & more details of this Gin event:

All times are subject to change.
ToFromDetails Speaker(s)OrganisationAbout
09.00 09.20Registration
09.20 09.30Opening remarks and the Gin Guild.Dr Anne BrockThe Gin Guild
Grand Rectifier of the Gin Guild
More details will be announced nearer the time
10.4011.15Coffee and networking
12.0512.45Panel Discussion:
13.0514.00Lunch and networking
15.1515.50Tea and networking
16.5018:30Gin & Tonic and networking
A selection of gin and mixer options

Location of this Gin event:

RSA HOUSE, 8 John Adam Street, London, WC2N 6EZ

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Gin Specification

The Guild only recognises gin styles produced by distilling ethyl alcohol in stills traditionally used for gin, in the presence of juniper berries and other botanicals – provided that the juniper taste is predominant.

Gin Guild Management

The strategy of the Guild is set by a Management Committee made up of representatives from the four largest UK gin distillers (Diageo, Grants, Bacardi and Chivas), with other Guild members and Liverymen from the Worshipful Company of Distillers.

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The Guild annually arrange, co-host and/or facilitate access for Guild members to a programme of gin related events and celebrations.

Current details are available on request, but include:

  • Annual Gin tasting event
  • Guild installation ceremonies (including an option for full members of Guild installation at the prestigious venue of the Mansion House, London, followed by a combined Banquet with the Worshipful Company of Distillers in the famous Egyptian Hall).

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The Gin Guild Website is regularly up-dated and the Guild produce a regular magazine covering both Guild events and gin articles.

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The Guild develop its links and encourage further education and research into gin, and work with the London based Wine & Spirit Education Trust, the International Centre for Brewing & Distilling at Heriot-Watt University, Scotland, the Institute of Brewing and Distilling in London and the Distillation Department of Minnesota University, USA.