Ginposium 2018

The gin industry annual seminar

By the gin industry, for the gin industry


7th June 2018 – RSA House
8 John Adam Street, London, WC2N 6EZ

Some of the world’s most respected personalities and experts from the drinks and gin trade will be coming together to discuss the state of the gin industry and share their knowledge and expertise on all things gin, in the fifth annual Gin Guild organised Ginposium event.

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Speakers at Ginposium 2018

Ed PilkingtonGrand Rectifier of the Gin Guild
James Firth Forager for Fishers Gin
Dr. Rick Dyer Woodlab Distillery
Professor Katherine SmartSurrey Copper Distillery Limited
Dr Christopher SmartSurrey Copper Distillery Limited
Nicholas CookThe Gin Guild
David T SmithSpirit Author and Gin Judge, from SummerfruitCup
Alexandre SakonASC- cask suppliers to the barrel-aged spirits industry
Olivier Ward Gin Foundry
Guy van EverdingenSasma bv
Dan SzorCotswold’s Distillery
Simon FordFord's Gin
Dr Anne Brock & Sam CarterBombay Sapphire Distillery, Laverstoke Mill

Timings & more details of this Gin event:

ToFromDetails Speaker(s)
09.00 09.20Registration
09.20 09.30Opening remarks and the Gin Guild.Ed Pilkington,
Grand Rectifier of the Gin Guild
09.3010.00Dying to be different (the Ambridge effect).
The dangers of relying on locally foraged botanicals. Do you know the difference between edible and toxic/dangerous/waste of time/not worth the effort?
James Firth MA (Oxon), MSc,
(Forager for Fishers Gin)
10.0010.20Local Flavour.
Using science to assist the art of recipe development. Analytic techniques to identify and isolate flavour molecules. Pitched at average distiller level!
Dr Ulrich Dyer,
(Medicinal Chemist)
Woodlab Distillery
10.2010.40Starting up a distillery!
The smart approach. What to do and what not to do, from a team that has just done it.
Professor Katherine Smart &
Dr Christopher Smart
Surrey Copper Distillery Limited
10.4011.15Coffee and networking
11.1511.35Gin categories in a wider world and consumer aids to discovery and understanding. A paper for industry consideration.
Justin Hicklin
The Gin Guild
11.3512.05Tutored gin tasting - what’s new for 2018
The world of gin is a fast-paced environment with constant innovation and there have been many new releases since last year’s Ginposium. This session looks at some of the more interesting new releases, as well as gin trends on which to keep an eye.
With samples
David T Smith
Spirit Author and Gin Judge,
from SummerfruitCup
12.0512.45Panel Discussion: Gin categories and consumer aids to discovery and understanding
12.4513.05“Well he wood say that wouldn’t he!*”
Wooded gin (stored and transported in barrels) is part of gin history. With expanding current interest in wood aged gins we look at the effect of different woods and pre-used barrels on gin production. With samples
*With apologies to Mandy Rice-Davis
Alexandre Sakon
ASC- cask suppliers to the barrel-aged spirits industry
13.0514.00Lunch and networking
14.0014.20Grain to glass.
Fad or fanfare? Increasingly gin distillers are creating their own base spirit. Why bother? At what cost? What effects on the product and marketing? And the importance of the 96% regulation.
Olivier Ward,
Gin Foundry
14.2014.45It's all about the base, the base
Neutral spirit is supposed to be neutral? Do different neutral products create different gins? With gin samples based on
• Rye
• Barley
• Apple
• Potato
Joanne Moore
Master Distiller
G&J Distillers
14.4515.15Innovation. Is diversification in the gin industry an aid to building consumer interest (and sales), or a distraction and diversion from sales of a brands key product. With samplesBen Ellefsen
Atom Brands
15.1515.50Tea and networking
15.5016.20The American Dream.
Gin in the USA. A view from across the pond.
Simon Ford,
Ford’s Gin
16.2016.50Changing tastes - Classic cocktails of the past and their current day interpretations. With samplesDr Anne Brock & Sam Carter
Bombay Sapphire Distillery, Laverstoke Mill
16.50Gin & Tonic and networking
A selection of gin and mixer options presented by London Essence
The London Essence Company uses fine fruits and botanicals to create elegant, contemporary mixers.
The first all-light mixer collection includes: Classic London Tonic; Grapefruit and Rosemary Tonic; Bitter Orange and Elderflower Tonic; and Delicate Ginger Ale.

Location of this Gin event:

RSA HOUSE, 8 John Adam Street, London, WC2N 6EZ

Other Gin Events:

Gin Workshop at the East London Liquor Co Distillery

Wednesday 6th June 2018 10:00-15:30

The Craft Distilling Expo are running their one-day workshop exploring designing and distilling your own gin. Join them at East London Liquor Company with distiller Tom Hills where, as well as instruction on the practical aspects of gin, the workshop will allow attendees to discuss the more nuanced aspects of bringing a spirit to market.

Topics covered include: recipe formulation, production methods, “making the cuts”, working with botanicals, proofing and filtration.

10:00-15:30, East London Liquor Company, Unit GF1, 221 Grove Road, Bow Wharf, London E3 5SN

£240 (lunch & cocktail included).

Special Offer – Ginposium Ticket Holders Receive a 20% Discount

Tickets available from Places are limited and allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Find out more about the Gin Guild:

Gin Specification

The Guild only recognises gin styles produced by distilling ethyl alcohol in stills traditionally used for gin, in the presence of juniper berries and other botanicals – provided that the juniper taste is predominant.

Gin Guild Management

The strategy of the Guild is set by a Management Committee made up of representatives from the four largest UK gin distillers (Diageo, Grants, Bacardi and Chivas), with other Guild members and Liverymen from the Worshipful Company of Distillers.

The titular head of the Guild is the Grand Rectifier. The four largest distilling companies are represented by Founder Wardens. Other gin distillers are represented by Warden Rectifiers. Individual Guild members are known as Rectifiers.

Gin Guild Membership

Membership is open to all (subject to gin distillers and brand owners meeting the Gin Guild Gin specification).

Applications for membership of the Guild should be addressed to the Gin Guild Director General (see contact details).

Benefits of Gin Guild Membership

As detailed in the Guild objectives, membership brings together Gin distillers and industry leaders involved in the production, promotion, distribution and consumption of Gin.

The Guild annually arrange, co-host and/or facilitate access for Guild members to a programme of gin related events and celebrations.

Current details are available on request, but include:

  • Annual Gin tasting event
  • Guild installation ceremonies (including an option for full members of Guild installation at the prestigious venue of the Mansion House, London, followed by a combined Banquet with the Worshipful Company of Distillers in the famous Egyptian Hall).

Gin Guild Promotion

The Gin Guild Website is regularly up-dated and the Guild produce a regular magazine covering both Guild events and gin articles.

Education and Development

The Guild develop its links and encourage further education and research into gin, and work with the London based Wine & Spirit Education Trust, the International Centre for Brewing & Distilling at Heriot-Watt University, Scotland, the Institute of Brewing and Distilling in London and the Distillation Department of Minnesota University, USA.