Ginposium 2021 


The Distiller of London

Jared Brown/Anistatia Miller – The history of gin

Gin Ripples across the Pond

Natasha Bahrami – The Gin Girl: Gin and variants viewed from the USA

Gin distilling: from field to bottle

Kirsty Black, Head Distiller, Arbikie Distillery: Making your own base spirit (GNS)

The Richness of Nature

Rachel Sutherland, Flavour and Sensory Development Specialist, Warner’s Distillery: Developing a local true London Dry Gin reflecting local botanicals.

The State of Gin

Bernadette Pamplin (Chair)

Panel Discussion Juniper – Upfront and essential?

Aaron Knoll (Chair): How little is too little juniper for a gin to be considered a gin? A view from America.

Panel Discussion: What’s New?

Tasting with D T Smith (and panel)

Family Planning – Adding to the (brand) family

Rosie Milsom, Atom Brands: New Product Development

Winning Ways – Spirit Competitions – The benefit to brands

Dimple Athavia, IWSC (International Wine and Spirit Competition)

Patently Different – advances in still design

Abhi Banik, Head Distiller, Copper Rivet Distillery

Trespassers will be prosecuted

Nicholas Cook, The Gin Guild: Protecting the gin category

Scientific Exploration of Juniper

Matthew Pauley, the International Centre for Brewing and Distilling at Heriot Watt University

Stay on top of Intellectual Property

Ciara Cullen, International law firm RPC: A helpful reminder and update on intellectual property issues.

Juniper – Upfront and essential?

Aaron Knoll
Spirit Historian

• Jason Barrett (Black Button Distilling).
• Jeff Fairbrother (Black Button Distilling).
• Melissa Katrincic Durham Distillery (US).
• Maggie Campbell (Privateer).
• Stephen Gould – (Golden Moon Distillers).

How little is Too Little Juniper for a Gin to be Considered a Gin? A view from America.

Aaron Knoll is a spirit’s historian, botanical spirits expert and author. He’s written several books on gin including Gin: The Art and Craft of the Artisan Revival which was named among the best gin books of the year by The Guardian and has been translated into six languages.

Aaron is the founder of The GIN is IN— an online resource dedicated to educating consumers on gin, gin flavour and created the first search tool for finding gin based on flavour. He also has served as judge for several international gin competitions including the American Distilling Institute and World Gin Awards. He was inducted into The Gin Guild as a Rectifier in 2019 for his contributions as a writer and educator. Aaron currently lives, works, and tastes gin out of Denver, Colorado.

Jason Barrett is the Proprietor of Black Button Distilling, which he started in 2012. Based in Rochester NY. He is a Warden Rectifier in the Gin Guild

Jeff Fairbrother conducts the day to day production of gin (and bourbon) at Black Button Distilling. He is a Rectifier in the Gin Guild

Melissa Katrincic is a scientist turned gin maker and is the marketing guru behind the gins produced by Durham Distillery (USA). She is the vice president of the North Carolina distillers Association and has sat on panels as a gin expert for ACSA and ADI conferences. She is a Rectifier in the Gin Guild

Maggie Campbell is a spirits, wine, flavour, and aroma expert with production and executive experience in the global drinks industry. Maggie served as President and Head Distiller of the spirits company Privateer Rum for 9 years elevating the company to cult brand.
Maggie served two elected terms on the Board of Directors of the American Craft Spirit Association and two elected terms as Vice President, she also serves as their Spirits Judging Director. She is a member of the Board of Directors of Resistance Served and the Wine and Spirits Education Trust’s International Advisory Alumni Board, representing the United States.

Stephen Gould is co-owner of Golden Moon Distillery and speakeasy. He is a board member of the Colorado Distiller’s Guild, a small distillery member of the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States and a member of the American Craft Spirit Association. He is the first American ever to be named a Warden of London’s Gin Guild and is a Liveryman of its parent body, the Worshipful Company of Distillers (a distilling trade body dating back to 1638). He has an extensive library of distilling works and is a passionate historian of distilling.

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Find out more about the Gin Guild:

Gin Specification

The Guild only recognises gin styles produced by distilling ethyl alcohol in stills traditionally used for gin, in the presence of juniper berries and other botanicals – provided that the juniper taste is predominant.

About the Gin Guild

The Guild operates as a limited company, with the board of directors being appointed by the Worshipful Company Of Distillers, who hold the shares, and include brand owners, master distillers, associated industry representatives and those with wide gin industry experience.

The titular head of the Guild is the Grand Rectifier. The four largest distilling companies are represented by Founder Wardens. Other gin distillers are represented by Warden Rectifiers. Individual Guild members are known as Rectifiers.

Gin Guild Membership

Membership is open to all (subject to gin distillers and brand owners meeting the Gin Guild Gin specification).

Applications for membership of the Guild should be addressed to the Gin Guild Director General (see contact details).

Benefits of Gin Guild Membership

Networking & events
A key benefit of Guild membership is the opportunity to network. The Guild has at least two formal functions a year, at which Guild installations take place. Both offer exceptional hospitality and opportunities for key guests to be invited.

The Spring Installation is combined with the Gin Industry Annual Dinner. Our Autumn Gin Guild Installation event is the more formal of our two installations. It is held at The Mansion House, in the heart of the City of London. Members and their guests are also invited to join our parent company, the Worshipful Company of Distillers, at their Annual Banquet, which follows the Guild Installation.

Guild events offer a quality and worthwhile entertaining programme and support to Guild members, alongside participation in other events (including those of our own creation), to a wider audience.

Prestige and Recognition
Join and be an active member in an organisation supported by many of the world’s leading gin brands, their distillers and colleagues, and celebrate and promote excellence in the distillation and promotion of gin.

We provide opportunities, especially for smaller members, to have their products made available to a wider and focused market.

Industry Events
The Guild organises and hosts one of the highlights of the year, the annual Ginposium. This is a one-day trade and industry conference, with many cutting edge seminars on gin topics, from production to marketing. Open to trade, industry, distilling students, and others interested in the subject, these events have been a great success. See film footage of previous events on our website.

The Guild sponsors key gin awards within the International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC). These include the London Dry Gin of the Year and the Distilled Contemporary Gin of the Year.

The Gin Guild Website
The Guild website is an active resource, promoting events, lectures and member companies and brands. There is a members only section.


The significant growth in the number of distilleries producing gins means that there are now a growing and often confusing number of gin styles and tastes to navigate.

The Gin Guild, in consultation with over sixty brands, launched (copyright and Trade Mark), for use by brands.  Gin-Note™ is intended to be a simple flavour indicator of a gin. It is not intended to replace a brands own label but is intended to be a navigational aid. Gin Guild brands listed to date with Gin-Note entries:

Category Protection
The Guild, working in conjunction with Trading Standards (with whom a Primary Authority partnership exists via Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards), also has a material role in enforcement and protection of the category. It calls out and seeks correction by beverage brands who claim their products are ‘gin’, but which do not comply with the EU/UK regulations which cover spirit production and sale.

The Guild, in connection with the above, by way of assistance and clarification has already published two key guidance notes interpreting the above regulations. These provide information on how to label no and low alcohol products which emulate (but which are not gin), and gin liqueurs. This guidance is known as Approved Guidance and is formally issued by our Primary Authority partnership, and approved by DEFRA.